Mitchel C. Resnick For California Governor





All money received has been returned.

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As many of you know, unfortunately, I was not able to raise all of the required monies.  There are still many questions to be answered, regarding the reasons and even the legitimacy of this recall.  I think it is a joke and embarrassment that we are going to hold a recall election...  I, along with many other people that I have spoken with, believe the people who created this recall effort, did so purely for politics.  My feelings are still the same. It takes advantage of people's hard times and not reality.  Our entire county's economy is in a horrible condition, and many states are on the verge of bankruptcy.  Everyone would love to blame someone... so why not the governor?  We all hope that things will get better.  More jobs, less unemployment, better health care, and peace.  But people are being led into believing that a recall will create an upswing in our state's economy.  Finally, Governor Davis, whether you voted for him or not, will have to devote time and energy to this recall process in order to fight for his job.  This will most certainly take it's toll on his attending to his difficult work as Governor.

Remember, it's your tax dollars that are going to fund a recall.


I have received many wonderful emails from friends, family and strangers regarding my attempt. Thank you to all. Stay tuned for my thoughts on the race...


Thank you again for your generous support!